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Hit & IP Counter

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Category: Access Counters
Script name: Hit & IP Counter
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Demo version URL: This script can do much more than you...
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Detailed description: This script can do much more than you expect. Instead of merely counting hits for a single page, it can count also hits and last visit time for all the pages of your site. But that's not all, it can also log the ip address of the visitors of your site and their visiting time and what browser did they used to visit your site. Again it don't need you to add each page url to log manually, you need just to add a java script in your pages and it will do all the others! It's logs don't make jam in your MySQL database. Its uses flat files to store logs.
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Current version: 1
Hits: 755
Script added: Sep 16, 2006
Number of Ratings: 3
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