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Auction Software for Kaqoo

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Category: Auctions
Script name: Auction Software for Kaqoo
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Detailed description: Kaqoo Auction Software provides you with an immediate online auction, up and running within an hour, complete with genuine buyers and sellers, running on your PHP enabled website, under your brand. There is no faster way to have your auction making you money! Fully featured and completely customizable to your design. No database needed. We look after the technical side whilst you concentrate on running your auction. Utilizing the Kaqoo software provides a complete turnkey solution. This script has been written from the bottom up and is not just another re-hashed open-source script, this is the real deal. Kaqoo is the easiest auction software to use, both for customers and for administrators. Available in US & UK English and German (75%). Kaqoo includes all the variables you would expect and continues to be developed with FREE lifetime upgrades available to all.
Platform: linux, windows, freebsd
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Current version: 1.0
Script author: Kaqoo
Hits: 270
Script added: Sep 16, 2006
Number of Ratings: 2
Rating *****
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