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Category: Blog Scripts
Script name: mBlog
Home page URL:
Demo version URL:
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Detailed description: mBlog is aimed to be easy to use and to manage blogging script. Using mBlog is quite straightforward, there is no difficult options or strange jargons. Even it is small & simple blog, you can use mBlog for advanced blogging, such as creating a news site, or multiuser blog. Features: WYSIWYG editor, Blog summary, Categorized blogs, Search blog function, Search engine friendly URL, Multiuser, Comment with approval, Comment with visual confirmation, Member only comment, Image Library where you can upload & compress easily, Emoticons, Product rating, and more...
Platform: linux, windows
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Current version: 1.0a
Script author: c97dotnet
Hits: 1070
Script added: Sep 17, 2006
Number of Ratings: 1
Rating ****
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