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Category: Discussion Boards
Script name: OneForum
Home page URL:
Demo version URL:
Download URL:
Detailed description: The OneForum is an easy-to-modifying Forum equipped with many features. It has an Admin & Mod Area. The appearance can be changed as you want! - There are also some Addons. Features: User Profiles PM System Admin / Mod Area Captcha & IP-Lock BBCode & Smileys Feeds - News-System User edit / block SHA1 Verification SQL-Injection Admin-Notifications Contacts Statistics Badword-Filter Counter User List Search Moderators...
Server requirements: PHP 4+, MySQL
Platform: Linux/Windows
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Price/License: GPL
Current version: 2
Script author: - Developer Team
Hits: 3
Script added: Feb 15, 2012
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