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Calendar Booking

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Category: Calendars
Script name: Calendar Booking
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Detailed description: 1. Multiple calendars on one page 2. Change calendar templates - background for days - different number of months displayed (2-4) - text color 3. Simple integration - copy calendar code in your html site code - copy calendar code in your PHP site 4. Setting timezone 5. List reservation for all calendar 6. Response to the reservation 7. Easy translation, all the words placed in a php file 8. Autorespond email message for ACCEPTED or NOT ACCEPTED reservation
Server requirements: php 4+, MySQL
Platform: Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Commercial
Price/License: US$8
Current version: v1.1
Script author: Aleksandar Jovic
Hits: 3
Script added: Aug 5, 2013
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