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PHP121 Instant Messenger

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Category: Chat Scripts
Script name: PHP121 Instant Messenger
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Detailed description: PHP121 is a free web based instant messenger - written entirely in PHP. This means that it will work in any browser on any operating system including Windows and Linux, anywhere! PHP121 is ideal for community websites where a quick and easy way to chat is needed among its members. By changing one setting in the configuration file, PHP121 can be easily integrated into other systems such as PHPNuke and phpBB. More integrations will be available in the future.
Server requirements: PHP 4+, MySQL
Platform: Linux + Windows
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Price/License: GPL
Current version: 3.0
Script author: Paul Synnott
Hits: 678
Script added: Jun 26, 2007
Number of Ratings: 3
Rating ***
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