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Pixel Ad Script

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Category: Classified Ads
Script name: Pixel Ad Script
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Detailed description: With this pixel script, you can run your own website like The site allows visitors to buy pixels or blocks from you to advertise their site. You can start making money by selling pixels or blocks. FEATURES: MEMBER AREA: 1/ Sign up form; 2/ Place pixel orders as many as they want; 3/ Pay via Paypal and 2checkout; 4/ Upload pixel via members area; 5/ Place multiple orders; and 6/ Place/choose to order for any size of pixels minimum 10x10 pixels. ADMIN AREA: 1/ Approve & delete membership; 2/ Approve, disapprove & delete pixels
Platform: Unix, Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Commercial
Price/License: US$4.99
Script author: MyDLstore
Hits: 59
Script added: Sep 20, 2006
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