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Alibaba Clone

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Category: Content Management
Script name: Alibaba Clone
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Detailed description: B2B trading Marketplace Script clone of alibaba Marketplace script is a wonderful solution to launch your own business to business and b2c site. Script is packed with lot of features to provide a very sound foundation to your trading portal site. B2B trading Marketplace script is perfect to launch your own top quality trading portal. How to Earn with this script ? 1) Google Ads. 2) Private/Public Ads. 3) Membership Charges. 4) You will improve your product/service sell by this script.
Server requirements: PHP 5+, MySQL
Platform: Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Current version: 3.5
Script author: Alibaba Clone
Hits: 37
Script added: Jul 28, 2009
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