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ImpressCMS - Do Something Impressive

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Category: Content Management
Script name: ImpressCMS - Do Something Impressive
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Demo version URL:
Detailed description: ImpressCMS originally evolved from XOOPS after a number of developers decided another path would be more suited to them and that path we now think is an impressive one. ImpressCMS is modular and totally customisable even by the total novice, if you do get stuck then just ask, because we're backed by a fantastic team of very talented developers all with strong programming roots and not to forget our community whom are the heart of what we do and also at hand to assist when required.
Server requirements: PHP 4+ & MySQL
Platform: All
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Price/License: GPL - FREE
Current version: 1.0 Final - Stable
Script author: ImpressCMS Team
Hits: 22
Script added: Apr 3, 2008
Number of Ratings: 1
Rating *****
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