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Fast Edit

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Category: Content Management
Script name: Fast Edit
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Detailed description: Fast Edit is a free and easy, WYSIWYG, HTML content editor that loads directly on the web pages you want to edit. Its also a Content Management System (CMS); manage files/folders, create/delete pages, make/restore backups, and decide what to display in the automatically generated menu. And all via a one-click interface! For small or medium sized websites. Flat File. No SQL database required Includes File Manager, optional CSS Template Manager and Page Manager (basic/standard modes).
Server requirements: PHP 4+, Javascript browser, CHMOD access
Platform: Linux/Windows
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Price/License: GLP
Current version: v1.0
Script author: Beverley Hooton
Hits: 1
Script added: Nov 11, 2010
Number of Ratings: 3
Rating *****
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