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Create Custom Signs by Putting Your Text on Images

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Category: Image Galleries
Script name: Create Custom Signs by Putting Your Text on Images
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Detailed description: This unique script is a revolutionary new piece of software which will allow your site visitors to create custom signs by using one of many images, preinstalled with the script. You can put any text, selecting different fonts, color, size, text position, line spacing, rotation and image size. The script also auto creates codes for MySpace, Friendster, TagWorld, Xanga Code and Bulletin Board Code (BBCode) Installation is super easy and all you need installed on the server is php, Mysql and GD2 ? very common software supported by 99% of the hosting companies.
Server requirements: N.A.
Platform: Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Commercial
Price/License: $29.00
Current version: 3.2
Script author: PHPPOD
Hits: 713
Script added: Feb 6, 2007
Number of Ratings: 2
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