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Watermark and Image Hosting

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Category: Image Galleries
Script name: Watermark and Image Hosting
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Detailed description: Create and apply watermarks using your brand name, logo or text. This watermarking website helps you protect images. You can add a color, transparent visible watermark to your images and photos. The watermark can be your copyright or the URL of your site or your logo. Main features: - Adding customizable visible watermarks on your pictures or digital photos. - Crop Images - Custom transparency - Watermarking a group of pictures (batch watermarking) - Watermark image(s) with your logo. - Add custom font and color to your text - Select the position of your text or logo (i.e. top left, right, etc
Server requirements: N.A.
Platform: Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Commercial
Price/License: $35.00
Current version: 3.8
Script author: PHPPOD
Hits: 280
Script added: Feb 6, 2007
Number of Ratings: 2
Rating ***
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