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Category: Miscellaneous
Script name: DH-MLM
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Detailed description: DH-MLM v3.6.0 Features List:- Manage affiliates up to 9 levels deep. Set payment amounts at each of these levels in either a flat rate amount or as a percentage of the item price. Make recurring payments to affiliates as long as they remain a subscriber to your service (either weekly, monthly, semi-annually and annually). Cancel at any time they leave. Perfect for companies who wish to pay affiliates periodically for subscription based income. New: Ability to set different pay period for each item. Retrieve refunds from affiliates who have already received a payment for referring a customer.
Server requirements: PHP+MySQL
Platform: Windows,Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Commercial
Price/License: $197.00
Current version: 1.0
Script author: DH Software
Hits: 14
Script added: Jan 23, 2007
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