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Hot or not game with points system

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Category: Miscellaneous
Script name: Hot or not game with points system
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Detailed description: This online game script lets your site visitors guess the age or the rating of the male or female displayed pictures. Thousands of images to guess. The script also has a points system. For each correctly guessed picture your site visitors will get points. They can select to guess women, men or both by their age or rating. Also great advertising tool - when a visitor guesses the image correctly, the script displays advertising ads. The script also shows current score (top right corner) and top 10 players. Your site visitors can also see the full size of the pictures by clicking on the cells on
Server requirements: N.A.
Platform: Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Commercial
Price/License: $49.00
Current version: 3.5
Script author: PHPPOD
Hits: 26
Script added: Feb 6, 2007
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