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Universal Web Scraper

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Category: Miscellaneous
Script name: Universal Web Scraper
Home page URL:
Demo version URL:
Download URL: http://universal-web-scraper.googleco...
Detailed description: Universal Web Scraper is a web scraper and web crawler written in PHP and meant for data extraction tasks. It is very easy to use and installs in less than 10 minutes. The app relies on a simplistic text-based interface, but works very stable and reliable. All possible server timeouts are handled gracefully to allow seamless scraping sessions even on a large data sets. Extracted data can be exported into CSV files for further processing. Knowledge of regular expressions isn't required.
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Price/License: MIT License
Current version: 1.0
Script author: Marin Bezhanov
Hits: 11
Script added: Apr 21, 2012
Number of Ratings: 1
Rating *****
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