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DB_cart Class (shopping cart)

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Category: Shopping Carts
Script name: DB_cart Class (shopping cart)
Home page URL:
Detailed description: DB_cart Class is a MySQL shopping cart script that can be used with third party product catalogues and membership systems. The MySQL database structure is neutral to existing systems. It can handle the shopping cart (add, update, and empty) and checkout process (set the shipment address and email the order). For existing cart users, the shopping cart is still available upon the user's next visit and is visible by checkout. The last option is configurable togther with a given time period.
Server requirements: PHP 4+, MySQL
Platform: Linux
This script is (note the submission types above): Free
Price/License: BSD
Current version: 1.13
Script author: Olaf Ledderer
Hits: 692
Script added: Apr 30, 2007
Number of Ratings: 14
Rating ****
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